Deidre Hall talks about life after Days

TV Guide Canada has a very interesting interview with Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans). She discusses life after Days of Our Lives and whether or not she had a feud with Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning). If you read the interview, I’ll be curious to know if you got the same impression I did. And that’s that Hall doesn’t seem like a very approachable woman.

I was particularly annoyed that she refused to tell the interviewer what she thought Marlena and John were up to these days. Come on, Dee. Give us a little. We stood by you for years… I did like her comment about being a gay icon:

“I am aware of my gay following. Gays are stylish, and most importantly, they are comfortable with their own emotionality — which is what defines Marlena. I used to live in West Hollywood — and it was the coolest place to live! [Laughs] Everyone knew who I was. I felt, as a character and as a person, very accepted and welcomed.”


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