Suzanne Rogers is apparently getting her own storyline!

How exciting is that!? Maggie Horton, a definite fan favorite, has been all over the canvas these days, but only as a supporting player. Daytime Confidential is reporting that Rogers and Molly Burnett (Melanie) let it out that Maggie would have a huge storyline after the new year and it’s one to surely test the Emmy winners acting chops once again.

DC is speculating that the storyline might be what many of us have been thinking every since we saw the episode with Maggie talking to Mickey on the phone and holding old-Mickey’s photo: he’s going to die. There is no official word on that yet, but it’s all starting to make perfect sense.

I hate to see the loss of a Horton, but if it gives Maggie her own story, I’m all for it! I just hope it’s not one of those things where none of the absent family members can make it back because of bad weather! I want to see Melissa, Sarah, Jennifer, Mike Horton, Bill, Marie, Laura. I want it all.


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One response to “Suzanne Rogers is apparently getting her own storyline!

  1. I am very excited and looking forward to her new storyline, the first in many, many years!

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