Upcoming Days teasers

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Click below to continue to spoilers!

Jan. 4 – 8

Hope and Justin kiss and Victor catches them!

Victor kicks Justin out.

Philip and Nathan are arrested!

Nicole pleads guilty.

EJ gets another ransom note from Anna. He and Sami continue keeping it secret.

 An assasin is out to get Arianna.

Mia is jealous of Chad and Gabi.

Melanie and Philip plan to elope.

Maggie prepares to go on a cruise with Mickey.

Who is Anna working with? The person who helped her arrange the kidnapping is revealed!

Vivian gets closer to finding out who Carly’s daugther is.



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3 responses to “Upcoming Days teasers

  1. Antoine

    Poor Rafe will probably be all kinds of upset when he founds out about Ej and Sami’s secret. Hmm i really wonder who Anna is working for though.

  2. I am very curious about the upcoming Mickey and Maggie Horton storyline. Interestingly enough, it was 30 years ago when Suzanne Rogers earned and won Days first Daytime Emmy!

  3. Amber

    Oiy I need some spoiler-spoiler’s stop teasin!!! =D

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