The Top 5 Worst/Best Days moments of 2009

It’s the end of the year. 2010 is upon us, so it’s time for best of, and worst of, lists to flood the Internet.

I give you the Days Pub’s 2009 Top 5 Worst Moments:

5. John and Marlena exiting. It seems to have worked out for the best as the show has improved in ratings since they left, but it was still quite a shock to everyone. The power couple were show staples for a long time.

4. Chelsea and Daniel. Eww. I still want to shower when I think about that pairing. Not only were they all wrong for each other, they had no chemistry together as actors. And not to mention how Chelsea broke Nick’s heart during it all.

3. Tony DiMera’s death. We all know death means nothing on Soaps, but it just always seems like the producers and writers never knew how to treat Thaao Penghlis. He has clearly been one of the show’s best actors for years, but they ditch him once again.

2. Arianna is recast. I know some people love Lindsay Hartley, but I do not. I didn’t like her on “Passions” and I surely don’t like her on Days. Adding her to the cast became ridiculous considering the other two former “Passions” actors that are on the show. And I really liked the actress who originated the role. She was far more convincing as a woman with a sketchy past who is now trying to do the right thing. Hartley is just Theresa from “Passions.” Always will be. Sorry.

1. Hope. What is her fucking problem? Seriously. She’s such a bitch now. And I think what is most disturbing is that it’s almost out of character. She has no substance any more. It’s impossible to feel sorry for her. I think it’s time to either stop making her this character that’s all over the place, or write her out.

The Top 5 Best Days moments:

5. Stefano marries Kate. I can’t believe it took this long to get these two evil individuals as one sadistic super couple. At first it was a stretch for Kate to marry someone who tried to kill her son, but now it seems as if she’s realized Stefano is who she belongs with.

4. Nicole. From her heartbreaking miscarriage to her kidnapping, it has been a banner year for the character. But we’re celebrating the actress in this list. She has done phenomenal work this year. Here’s to hoping she’s not snubbed by Emmy once again this year.

3. Tamara Braun wins the Emmy. Ava hasn’t been on since 2008, but it was this year that Miss Braun walked away with one of the first acting Emmys for the show in over 20 years. She’s an amazing actress and I can only hope she finds her way back to Salem some day.

2. Brady’s Ass. Seriously, have you seen it? Look at it next time. You’ll understand.

1. Vivian and Carly’s return. They’re kind of a package deal at this point. Days was lucky to get soap superstar Crystal Chappell back. And of course, it was lucky that someone there is smart enough to FINALLY bring back arguably the show’s most popular character ever, Vivian. Both women are stellar actresses and if anyone can save the show, it’s those two. Ratings continue to grow and I think these two are at least partly responsible.



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4 responses to “The Top 5 Worst/Best Days moments of 2009

  1. I agree 100% with your worst and best for 2009. I might like to add my five favorites:

    5. Melanie and Molly Burnette’s improvement. At first I disliked both, but now you actually like her, more and more.

    4. Maggie Horton getting more air time, more than serving customers and dispensing advice. And a big storyline in 2010 to boot!

    3. Victor Kiriakis getting more and more air time as well and him teaming up with Vivian is a GREAT match. Victor and Vivian vs. Stefano and Kate. Who would’ve thought it better?!

    2. YES! Brady’s ass hee haw!

    1. Finally, the return of faves: Justin Kiriakis, Carly Manning, Anna DiMera, and everyone’s favorite, Vivian Alamain!

    2010 is going to look good now for Salem and DAYS and they are tied with Bold and the Beautiful!

  2. Angela

    HAHA I agree, especially with the WORST moments. Chelsea and Daniel were vomitous. Though I’m very curious to know what 2010 will hold in store for Nick Fallon, since his sentence was only supposed to be 18 months, which puts his release date some time around July 2010. Thaao Penghliss–what an effing waste of talent. I love that man, even if he looks like he tans at Boston Market. Original Ariana was way better. Lindsey is a little too sweet. I’m not convinced she’s an ex-con at all. And HOPE, oh Hope. She’s been horrible as of late. And Bo is such a man whore. He’s been fighting with his wife for a couple of weeks, claims he wants it to work out, and yet is still fucking around. Where is Ernesto Toscano to blow up Hope?

  3. Angela

    Oh and Brady’s ass? I’ll have to judge the validity of that #2 spot for myself lol.

  4. Stacy

    I agree! Esp about Brady’s ass (I still would like to remind you……told you so 🙂 ..) I definatly LOVE that Vivian is back.

    I am so glad they started airing Days at 6 I can actually watch the show instead of reading about it!!

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