CASTING NEWS: John Callahan returning as Dr. Baker?

According to Daytime Confidential, John Callahan is reprising his role as Dr. Richard Baker on Days of Our Lives. Dr. Baker, as you remember, was the man who helped Nicole‘s baby switch happen. When we last saw him, however, he was dead. But it is a soap opera, after all.

I know what you’re thinking: This storyline has run its course and it’s about to be over! Well, something tells me there’s something similar, but different coming. My prediction is that Nicole‘s baby didn’t really die. Even though a baby born that early in the pregnancy doesn’t stand a chance. But again, it’s a soap! Anything is possible.

Regardless, I like Callahan. I kind of wish he’d never been Dr. Baker, because he’d sure make a great Bill Horton recast!

What are your thoughts?



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2 responses to “CASTING NEWS: John Callahan returning as Dr. Baker?

  1. Larry Mozer

    Actually he was NOT dead. Remember, the last time we saw him laying “dead” on the chair, it showed his FINGER MOVE. They told us right there that he was still alive and so I have been expecting he might return.

  2. Angela

    What in the….ugh. Not that this show is based on/in reality but sheesh.

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