Plans for Alice Horton’s farwell storyline

It occurred to me that even though I’ve posted who is returning for Alice Horton’s farwell, I’ve never really pointed out how it’s going to play out. The people at Days actually have something pretty fantastic planned. This is not going to be only one or two episodes.  It’s going to be a storyline farewell.

Days Executive Producer Ken Corday says that the former characters are returning before Alice dies. Some will be on for multiple episodes. Instead of having a group of people at a funeral and all getting a minute each for a eulogy, Corday says each will have scenes with a dying Alice. There’s no word how they’re going to make that happen since Frances Reid has already passed, but they’ll figure out something.

So there you go. Expect to see some of our favorite characters for an extended time during Alice’s farewell storyline. I hope everyone does reunite at the end for a memorial service though.

FYI: Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) began taping her scenes this week. So expect her to be the first to return to Salem sometime in mid to late May.


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