Days recasts Bill Horton

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Days of Our Lives has recast John Martin as Bill Horton for the upcoming Alice farewell storyline.

Martin is most known for his role as Frederick in The Young and the Restless.

For those who don’t know, the previous actors (most notably Ed Mallory and Christopher Stone) who played Bill both died in real life. So it makes sense to cast a new actor in the role because why would a son ever miss his mother’s funeral. Guess we could ask that about Tommy Horton, who pretty much hasn’t existed on the show in years. But the character is sill alive. I’m pretty sure.

So now all we need is Tommy, Sarah Horton, Josh and Jessica Fallon, Nick Fallon, Jeremy Horton, Soctty Banning, David Banning …. Shawn D, Belle, Claire, Marlena, John ……. the list goes on and on.



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2 responses to “Days recasts Bill Horton

  1. Vance

    This is awesome!
    I loved him as Frederick on Y&R and I’ve never seen the character of Bill Horton before so it should be very good!
    I’d love to see him stick around and stir up a Stefano/Kate/Bill triangle but I doubt that will happen.

    • Antoine

      I’m with Vance on this one. I think it’s pretty cool to bring him back as i’ve never seen him on the show as well. Just read character history and stuff.

      I wonder if they have any cast surprises in store.

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